We are a team that brings together youth and the highest experience in the sector to offer the best design, quality and service. We have created the perfect balance to give our customers a full list of products and services to attend any requirement.

We offer a wide range of raw fabrics, conventional patterns or with the highest digital technology. Jacquard fabrics for upholstery and interior and exterior decoration with the highest standards and finishing, as well as all kinds of products of own made fabrics.

All our products are manufactured in spain because we are highly commintted to the development and quality.

We are known for our innovative designs and collections and the serious commitment to growth and expansion of the company, thanks to the extra energy contribution of all the team that forms this company.

We manufacture all types of Jacquard fabrics for upholstery and decoration, as well as special productions selected and developed by our customers from different territories or countries around the world. We also manufacture both raw and printed fabrics, either in rotary or digital, as well as technical fabrics for exteriors of the best qualities and guarantees.

Another of our lines in continuous growth is the great variety in qualities such as curtain designs, embroidered curtains, rustic, organza or natural.

We hope and wish we could help you in your new projects.